Light Globe Replacement Service

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Lighting in a retail situation can be your best marketing tool. Lighting can set an atmosphere that will draw your consumers in and make them feel comfortable and in the mood to buy. Bad lighting can stop consumers coming into your retail outlet. Just have look at some of the busier shops in your area and compare your lighting and lighting level to your own shop. The colour temperature (colour) and colour rendition (the quality of the colour) are also very important to retail shop. Both these elements can enhance the atmosphere you with to create for your customers and dramatically improve the appearance and bring out the true colours for your product you wish to sell. All light globes lose their lustre and brightness after a while. Most fluorescent tubes only last about 8,000 to10,000 hours and since there are only 8,736 hrs in a year and if you are open 10 hrs a day you should be looking at replacing your fluorescent tubes every 3 years to keep your retail outlet looking it’s best for your customers. Halogen lights (Down lights) are very popular but only last about 5000 hrs, but the new kid on the block is LEDs lighting which I believe will revolutionise the way we light just about everything. LED is very expensive at the moment but will come down in price just like HD TV has.

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