Light Globe Replacement Service

Light Me


Electricity bills can cripple a household budget. at Light Me can advise and replace old inefficient light globes with new, energy efficient CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) or LED lights. Just by changing over to new technology in Halogen downlights and keeping the same light level, Light Me, can save over 30% in downlight energy cost for starters. Even your chandeliers can be enhanced and save in electricity with new LED's replacement light globes. Halogen downlights produce 80% heat, 20% light so by replacing them with a retro fit energy efficient light globe, we not only save you on lighting cost but also, on your very expensive to run air conditioning. We can retro fit your home with new LED's that will save not only on electricity but also in longevity of the light globe maybe - up to 15 years depending on usage. A good quality LED light will last up to 50,000 hrs (Light Me, only use high quality globes from General Electric) so, if you only use them for 5 hrs a day that adds up to over 25 years .

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