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LED Lights

Light Me Australia can advise, supply and fit all your LED needs. We also offer a very wide range of retro LEDs to fit into your existing fixtures.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the new age light globe. They have no filament to burn out and produce very little heat, making your workplace or home safer. The life span of a LED surpasses a filament globe by tens of thousands of hours. LEDs produce just the same amount of light for up to 80% less electricity, so you save on your electricity bills.

With a government-led replacement program in NSW, you can’t afford not to upgrade to LED lighting. You can even receive a LED downlights government rebate. Depending on hours used, LED will pay for itself within 15 months.

Talk to us today about a feasible LED downlight replacement scheme. Learn how Light Me Australia can save you $$$$.

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