Light Globe Replacement Service

Light Me


  • Free Advice

    We can advise on best design for your Lighting Problem. We advise you with the best Lighting Products available. We advise you with best energy saving ideas
  • Free Installation

    You only pay for the replacement light bulbs. Unless we have tricky or difficult access to the light globes, for example: warehouse light globe replacement which require scaffolding or boom arms.
  • Free Maintenance Service

    Periodic check up (usually about every 6 months) Once again you only pay for the replacement light bulb.
  • Free Globe Records

    We keep all the records of globes used, when replaced and the bulb life expectancy for Free
  • We Replace All Light Globes

    Fluorescents, Downlights, Halogens, Metal Halides, Sodium, Mercury, High Bays, LEDs, CFLs, Incandescent.
  • Guarantee

    We guarantee our product and will replace free if globe, bulb or tube fail through manufacturers fault, in keeping with the guarantee.
  • Free Cleaning

    When we replace a globe, we clean lenses, diffusers, reflectors and the unit itself for optimum output and heat reduction. We also report any maintenance or safety problems.
  • Call Out Time

    We will work within you busy schedule with a prompt and reliable service. Our service for replacing office light globes means that we ensure all the work is carried out after office hours so there's no intrusion on your productivity.
  • Additional Electrical Work

    We are able to provide electrical work at an additional cost. Just ask us.

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