Light Globe Replacement

Light Me

Light Levels

All level are in Lux (lx)

Here are some examples

Lux Level Activity Area
100 Casual seeing Corridors, changing rooms, stores
150 Some perception of detail Loading bays, switch rooms plant rooms
200 Continuously occupied Foyers, entrance halls, dining rooms
300 Visual tasks moderately easy Libraries, sports halls, lecture theatres
500 Visual tasks moderately difficult Offices, kitchens, laboratories, retail
750 Visual tasks difficult Drawing offices, meat inspection, chain stores
1000 Visual tasks very difficult Assembly rooms paintwork, supermarket
1500 Visual tasks extremely difficult Fine work and inspection, precision assembly
2000 Visual tasks exceptionally difficult Assembly of minute items fabric inspection


Area Lux Level
Classroom 300
Technical drawing room 750
Computer rooms 300

Healthcare - Wards

Area Lux Level
General lighting 100
Reading lighting 300
Simple examination 300
Examination and treatment 1000

Hotels and Restaurants

Area Lux Level
Kitchen 500
Self Service restaurant 200
Conference rooms 500


Area Lux Level
Filing and copying 300
Writing, typing reading data processing 500
Technical Drawing 750
CAD work Stations 500
Conference and meeting rooms 500
Reception desk 300
Archives 200

Residential- Flats/ Bedsits

Area Lux Level
Lounge 100-300
Kitchen 150-300
Bathrooms 150
Toilets 100

Retail Premises

Area Lux Level
Sales area 300
Counter area 500
Wrapping table 500

Theatres, Concert Halls and Cinemas

Area Lux Level
Dressing and Make-up rooms 300
Foyers 200
Auditoria 100


Area Lux Level
Lifts 100
Corridors 100
Toilets 100
Canteens 300
Mess room 150-300
Plant room 150-300
Store room 100
Warehouse 300

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