Light Globe Replacement Service

Light Me

About Light Me

Light Me, your service for replacing light globes is a Sydney based Company with many years in the Lighting Business (1977). Working in Film & TV Lighting, Event Lighting, Lighting Design and Corporate Image. We see the need for a professional and customer driven Lamp Replacement Service that comes to you and can save your business thousand of $$$$ in your ever increasing Energy Bills.

We are able to calculate on the spot the up front costs of Energy saving lamp replacement. Why waste good company time and money on someone who doesn’t come to you and whose service for replacing light globes cannot immediately fix your lighting needs. Light Me is a reliable and prompt service that will fit in with your budget, schedule and offers FREE expert advice.

We do not charge for labour or Call out fee. We charge by the replaced light globe unless we have to bring in scaffolding or boom arms for difficult to access light globes and lamp replacement.

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